Satiety and Likeness of Food

It seems that there are at least two variables that determine the interest with which you eat food:

  1. How much you like the food in front of you
  2. How much you are hungry

The two extreme cases are:

  1. If you are filled and you have the best food available you won’t even look towards it
  2. If you are dying of hunger you won’t bother what you have to fulfill your need

satiety and likeness

Debugging WP-PostRatings plugin for rich snippets

I recently got stuck in a small task. It was to add rich snippet AggregateRating. The rating plugin I am using was WP-PostRatings. This plugin did add the following snippet to the page. 

I tested the code in Google Rich Snippets Tool but the stars didn’t appear. It took me some time to figure out what the problem is. The code does not tell what thing you are rating. AggregateRating is not a top level Type. See here.

The Solution

Just enclose the above code with appropriate Top level Type. In my case I used Product. The final code is