Installing cilk and compiling examples in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


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Minisat NOT found while installing KLEE

Minisat is required for stp which is required for KLEE installation. However, while following the instructions to install KLEE on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64Bit it may not be found even if it is installed. When we run the following command during Building Simple Theorem Prover step

an error may arise saying

Solution for missing Minisat

To fix it open $HOME/stp/build/CMakeCache.txt 

and update the following lines:

Moreover, if you have installed stp at a location other than  /usr/local  you should modify the command as follows:

You may also need to update LD_LIBRARY_PATH to contain $HOME/minisat/build/lib  if you have installed minisat at a location which not looked up which searching for libraries.

Categories: Dev